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Rules For Success

Sergeant Major’s Four Rules for Success

I want to bring to your attention the Four Rules for Success that I have developed over the years.  If you live by these rules I can guarantee that the path to success will be much easier.  These rules apply while you are in the Marine Corps, as well as in your personal life.  These rules are as follows:

1.      Learn your occupational specialty as soon as possible.

a.      When you “know your job” and are good at it, you become promotable material.

b.      Read technical manuals, orders, and request to attend advanced schools to become proficient.  


2.      Mind your personal appearance, on and off duty.

a.      Marines are known throughout the world for their discipline and personal appearance.  This is why many of you were       attracted to the Marine Corps in the first place.

b.      When you are good at what you do and look sharp, you become MERITORIOUSLY promotable! 

c.      Marines are far more judgmental when it comes to this than the civilian sector and other branches of the Armed Forces.  The saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” only applies in kindergarten.  Ask yourself, do you think people who are sloppy, or have an unpleasing appearance get more or less job offers than those who are appealing to all the senses?   


3.      Always be respectful!

a.      Be respectful to everyone, especially to those who are senior to you.

b.      Regardless of the situation, when dealing with those appointed over you, once you become disrespectful, you are in the wrong, and you cannot take it back.  This will lead to negative long term effects even if it is not verbally spoken of.

c.      Remember, two wrongs do not make a right.  If you disagree with someone senior to you, and you will many times, use tact and go about it the right way.  You may even have to wait for the egos to calm down before addressing the situation.  If it is a situation of unethical leadership, talk to someone senior to that individual for advice. 


4.      Mind your conduct on and off duty.

a.      Many times, a Marine changes the entire course of his or her life with one poor decision.  These decisions usually revolve around sex, alcohol, operating a motor vehicle, and social media.


In closing, know that adherence to these rules will set the stage for any goal you desire to achieve in life simply because good actions, for the right reasons, lead to good results that multiply!  Bad actions or bad intentions can only lead to bad results that must come back to you!  This has been called karma, the law of cause and effect, reap what you sow, etc.  Best of Luck!

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